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Everything you need to kickstart your organization.

Domain name

We register an unique domain name for your organization. e.g.: "".


We create up to 5 uniques email addresses for your organization like "" to enable professional communications with your customers.


We create and host a landing page for your organization. We put your organization's image online with all the essential information: your coordinates, your opening hours, etc.

Google referencing

We reference your organization at Google to make sure you appear in search results with your name and your industry. The ultimate way to be found online by your customers.


Did you know that a lot of companies provide free or discounted licences for nonprofits and small companies? We help you to choose the best suited tools (Microsoft Office Suite or GSuite, communication tools, etc.) and we do all the paperwork to get your licences.


We are available to answer all your questions during the first month of your activity.


$ 1000

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